Lean Simulation

A simulation methodology followed by the world class manufacturing units. Lean manufacturing has been a best practice across the globe in manufacturing process. Lean production systems and lean manufacturing principles are adopted by all the world class manufacturing companies. Canning and bottling lines are extremely complex and difficult processes to manage, as they consistently run at very high speeds, where a minor stoppage can have a big impact on performance and costs to the business.

Core Advantages


For 3D modeling of a layout, we need data from base layout and will design the model based on the inputs and results in simulation of effective lean flow simulation.

Software & Tools

We adopt range finders and digital instruments for measurement, Sketchup and Flexsim softwares for modeling and simulation.

Standards & Compliance

We offer this Lean Simulation service in compliance as per ISO (International Organization for Standardization)Based on the company.

Lean Manufacturing

Process We Followed

lean simulation

Data capture and pre-processing:

For the lean type of manufacturing, we need a type of strategy for operation analytics or manufacturing analytics to estimating the required input to get an accurate output for the required simulation unit.If the designing needs to start from scratch with having some basic design idea and not having any existing plant is called green field approach. If having existing plant at site and need to increase the plant production by connecting with the existing site data to get a better output with analysis is called brown field. This gives the availability of required inputs for better results. So we need a type of approach for making the model for lean simulation.

Modeling: generation/fitting of analytical surfaces

With the inputs the designing of plant in 3D will start modeling with available data and also with our ideology of designing plant. Initially we need updated layout with accurate dimensions as per site data or existing. Create the pillars data and walls to get the basic structure. After the creation of total structure, we need internal equipments and available floor space as per site if existing or plan as per design idea. This results in the creation of 3D with basic process flow as per our requirements.

With final output 3D model, we need a data simulation report for the analysing the output production rate as per the real-time production sequence for all the production data analysis. With the available data base after simulation using dashboard the output of all the parameters has been analyzed and the reports has been analyzed with the sequence of crated process flow. These reports include output, Input required, dwell time of machine, total process time, stay time etc…, using pie and bar charts. The final output gives the estimation and major requirements of existing plan results on reducing waste of time and money gives better comparative profits.