Short Circuit Analysis

Short circuit analysis is performed so that existing and new equipment ratings were sufficient to with stand the available short circuit current. This short circuit analysis can be done either through hand calculations or through known software like NEPLAN.


Using NEPLAN we can perform short circuit studies on electrical systems in a quick time and effective manner in four steps.

  • Data Collection and SLD Preparation

  • Short circuit calculations

  • Relay Coordination Studies

  • Load flow Analysis

These short circuit studies are performed using power system software as per IEEE standards. For larger systems, these short circuit calculations to be performed for both switch gear ratings and relay settings. Knowledge of the computational methods of power system analysis is essential to engineers responsible for planning, design, operation, and troubleshooting of distribution systems. A short-circuit study is an analysis of an electrical system that determines the magnitude of the currents that flow during an electrical fault. Comparing these calculated values against the equipment ratings is the first step to ensuring that the power system is safely protected. Once the expected short-circuit currents are known, a protection coordination study is performed to determine the optimum characteristics, ratings and settings of the power system protective devices.

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